Volunteers Packing Welcome Bags

Article from Adoption.com

With over 1,500 children in foster care in the Cincinnati area, Krista and Howard Lorenz are doing their part to help. Shortly after the birth of their first child, the couple was introduced to the idea of adoption. The timing wasn’t great, but the idea wouldn’t go away. Time passed and two more biological children joined their family. Not too long after that, they met two different couples who were foster parents. It seemed like they needed to move on the promptings.

The Lorenz family of five became a licensed foster home and welcomed a premature newborn, Maryn. A short while later Maryn’s toddler sister, also in foster care, moved in with the Lorenz family. Foster care agreed with the Lorenzes, but more than that, the family fell in love with the little girls who were formally adopted to Krista and Howard in 2012.

Through their foster experience the Lorenzes became very aware of the plight of so many foster children. And thus Warm Welcomes Foster Care Outreach began. The foster care outreach group not only provides products for foster children (filled backpacks), but also provides bins filled with temporary care items for children who are waiting at the agency before being placed in a foster home. The bins contain things like toys, snacks, formula, and more.

Additionally, the foster care outreach program places emphasis on the children feeling good about themselves. In the couple of years they’ve been in existence, children have benefited emotionally by participating in programs that reach out to and offer help to the homeless.

Warm Welcomes Foster Care Outreach welcomes volunteers and donations.


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